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Tell Your Legislator

One of the best ways you can help affect legislation to promote health care access and expansion into rural and under-served Colorado communities is to tell your legislator why it is important to you. We have crafted the following messaging to help frame your calls and emails. When contacting your legislator, please be respectful and use the following talking points:

Sample Letter:

Dear Legislator:

Our rural and frontier counties face important health care issues, including access and coverage, and health care professional shortages. You must continue to consider rural health issues when putting forth bills that drive up health care costs.

Consider the following facts:

Of Colorado’s 47 rural counties:

    • 13 counties do not have a hospital
    • 12 counties do not have a psychologist

Not only that, take a look at these statistics:

    • Less than 40% of rural primary care providers remain in the same rural community for 5 consecutive years.
    • On average, it takes 1-3 years to recruit a physician in rural Colorado.

We ask that you please support legislation that supports our local doctor offices, safety net clinics and other medical practices so they can continue to provide high-quality health care services in our communities. Our families and businesses rely on it.

Colorado communities across the state thank you for your continued support.

Don’t know how to contact your legislator? Visit colorado.gov for a map of Colorado legislative districts and contact information.

What Else Can You Do to Help Improve Health Care Access?

Tell your friends! Use the following pre-crafted tweet or craft your own!

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